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Strip PDF Protection 4.0

Strip PDF Protection 4.0: PDF protection remover program to strip PDF protection & strip PDF password Use the most reputed PDF protection remover program to strip all the PDF protections like: copy, edit, modify, print. Now with this program users can strip PDF protection in just a few clicks. Strip PDF Protection software supports Acrobat version up to 9, even with 128-bit or 256-bit encryption. Try this PDF Protection remover program to strip PDF protection, strip PDF password, strip PDF security, strip PDF rights instantly.

UIFriend 2.3.1: Quick resolution changing, smooth desktop drawing and desktop icon layout saving
UIFriend 2.3.1

desktop icon layout protection feature ensures that your desktop layout is protected from those frequent but unexplainable times when your desktop icons turn to scrambled eggs. You`ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your desktop layout is protected. The program offers advanced features that improve your screen aesthetics in many subtle ways. UIFriend`s double buffering ensures reduced flicker and smoother drawing of the desktop. You

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Remove Copy Protection from PDF 4.0: Know How to remove PDF copy protection & remove pdf copy restriction easily.
Remove Copy Protection from PDF 4.0

Get PDF protection remover tool to remove pdf copy protection, remove pdf copy restriction. With Remove Copy Protection from PDF tool users can know how to remove pdf copy protection. Unrestrict PDF has been rated as #1 program to remove copy protection from PDF. Software remove protection on PDF of Adobe Acrobat up to 9.0. Remove Copy Protection from PDF is the supreme program to remove pdf copy restriction, remove pdf copy security.

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Lockout Desktop Security 1.1.652

Lockout Desktop Security software brings you many ways to secure and lock your desktop. You can define different sets of permissions and restrictions for specific users and groups, control access to certain applications, restrict when your PC can be used, restrict CD usage, log Internet usage, and log attempts at restricted activities.

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Security Desktop Tool Restrict users access to PC and limit kids time
Security Desktop Tool

Desktop is a security utility that allows you to restrict access to Windows important resources. This utility limits kids time they spend in internet and playing games. It has got a number of options to customize the viewing and usage of a users Windows settings. Including hiding the desktop and start menu items, restrictions on the Active Desktop and much more. Also it provides folders and files protection. Security restrictions can be applied universally

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Excel Password Protection Recovery 2.0: Recover excel protection with PDS Excel Password Protection Recovery Software.
Excel Password Protection Recovery 2.0

Protection Recovery software smoothly extract excel protection password with the help of two types of recovery a) Dictionary Attack b) Brute Force Attack. Best following Part of the Excel Password Protection Recovery Software:- * Excel Password Breaker tool easily break your excel sheet password protection. * Excel Password Protection Removal tool recovers all types of XLS password. * Excel Password Protection Recovery program safely works on all

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Parallels desktop 012: parallels desktop for mac
Parallels desktop 012

parallels desktop for mac. Parallels Desktop for Mac is the first solution for Intel-Macs that give you the flexibility of running Windows or Linux on a Mac simultaneously without rebooting. The upgraded 3.0 version delivers completely seamless user experience, native hardware experience and protection against mishaps. Now you can enjoy great new features that make your life much easier: cross OS application & file integration with Parallels Smar

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